Liaison interpreting

In liaison interpreting or interpreting for negotiations, the interpreter acts as a liaison for a small group of speakers, generally two to five people. Liaison interpreting services are dialogic and there is no notetaking. They are indispensable for situations in which consecutive or simultaneous interpreting cannot be used, such as:

  • Company tours;
  • Business trips;
  • Business meetings;
  • Commercial negotiations;
  • Italian delegations abroad;
  • B2B meetings;
  • Contractual negotiations;
  • Bilateral meetings;
  • Trade expos.

Clear, precise communication is paramount in all these situations. Clarity and precision are the very qualities that characterize all Landoor’s interpreters, with excellent language skills and technical know-how, particularly in negotiations. Be it the transposition of technical data and information in a scientific or professional micro-language or conversations in everyday language, our professionals adroitly adapt to the speakers’ background, acting as genuine interpreters of culture and not just language – and always with utmost confidentiality.

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