Accurate editing

Editing and proofreading are the two final steps in the editorial process. Landoor’s editors are senior professionals who edit copy to check for precision in terms of consistent style, terminology and tone and, where necessary, improve the wording (without changing the content). Our editors are also responsible for improving the layout of the text (translations often increase or decrease the number of characters, which makes it necessary to adjust the page layout). Effective editors are experienced and meticulous, two traits that Landoor’s editors apply to even the most voluminous and complex projects. Most of our editing work consists of texts that originated in Italian or have been translated into Italian, but we also have a team of mother-tongue professionals who edit copy in English, French, German, Spanish and all other major languages in the world. Using the most sophisticated digital tools, in some cases we can even edit texts online, which obviously saves clients time and money.

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