Translations for conference organisers

Companies that specialise in the organisation of conferences oversee the preparation and smooth running of large-scale conventions and corporate events, the success of which can significantly contribute to improving the company’s image and growing its business. These companies provide assistance with choosing and preparing the venue, booking hotels for attendees, supplying hostesses and stewards, and supporting reception and catering activities. In addition, they also identify reliable partners to whom to entrust the translation of:

  • All kinds of printed texts (invitations and leaflets, press kits, brochures, fliers, catalogues, forms, notices and posters, programmes, presentations and abstracts;
  • Material for digital presentations (slides) and totem interfaces;
  • Interpreting services for the simultaneous translation of press conferences, speaker comments, Q&A sessions and other forms of linguistic mediation.

Landoor’s clients include some of the most prestigious consultancy companies for the organisation of conventions and events, which in turn were chosen by leading Italian and multinational companies, business associations and public institutions. As well as guaranteeing a faultless service irrespective of the number of languages requested and the complexity of the content of the event, Landoor can also provide its own equipment for simultaneous interpreting (cabins, systems, headsets) – a far from insignificant detail which translates into savings and the smoother management of technical issues for clients. The series of language services provided by Landoor for conferences and other events involves the on-site presence of a project manager who oversees all aspects of their coordination.

Interpreting for conferences: the options

In the organisational phase Landoor suggests the most appropriate forms of conference interpreting to its clients. Simultaneous interpreting is the preferred form of interpreting for conferences, conventions, symposiums and round tables in which the panel of speakers or the audience consists of different nationalities. The oral translation is listened to in real time via headsets while the interpreters (two or more) work in turn in a soundproof booth. All interpreters that work with Landoor are qualified professionals with strong expertise in the sector and years of experience behind them. The term chuchotage denotes a form of simultaneous interpreting that is not carried in booths but whispered into the ears of one or more people: it is the most commonly used technique when small numbers of people at a meeting speak a different language to that of the majority of the public or the other speakers. Consecutive interpreting can be used instead of simultaneous interpreting for discussions in small groups or when the necessary systems aren’t present. The interpreter notes down the main points made by the speaker and during the break accurately reformulates them for those present in the target language. Consecutive interpreting obviously takes longer than simultaneous translation or chuchotage. Liaison interpreting is a form of language assistance used for business meetings between clients, suppliers or foreign partners that take place during events (and for visits to trade shows or plants). The interpreter becomes a key facilitator in the success of the negotiations, guaranteeing complete respect for confidentiality and privacy.

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