Translations for investor relations departments and firms

For decades, accurate financial disclosures have been both a legal requirement (consider, for instance, the compulsory disclosure of transparent financial statements and accounting data) and a genuine marketing tool. Many companies have their own Investor Relators, while others use the investors relations services of outside advisory firms. In either case, the purpose of Investor Relations is to provide investors with clear, accurate reports on business performance – first when they go public and after listing, ensuring disclosures are as true to reality as possible. IR is, for the company, a bridge to the market and provides invaluable feedback on how investors perceive the company’s management and business strategy. For clients and investors, IR is a decision-making tool, offering clear information which they may use when considering whether to purchase or sell shares.

When an IR firm assists a company interested in going public or expanding on international markets, it can rely on Landoor to handle every stage of the translation of its disclosures. Our expert translators specialized in financial marketing are adept at transposing and localizing any information between the company and the investor community, taking the target culture into careful consideration. And our project managers have been coordinating efficient, well-calibrated teams of mother-tongue translators/editors and interpreters for years.
Our services make companies’ business, strategies and current and future prospects shine to their full potential.

The main types of IR documents we translate

  • Analyses and highlights of annual and interim financial results, sustainability reports and business plans
  • Performance indicators
  • Press releases, brochures, advertisements, advertorials and other marketing copy
  • Presentations for analysts
  • Presentations for brokers
  • Presentations for investors
  • Localization and updating of the IR section on websites

We also provide excellent interpreting services for:

  • Press conferences
  • Press interviews
  • In-person and online conferences and roadshows
  • Webcasts
  • Conference calls
  • Meetings with investors
  • One-on-one investor briefings
  • Company visits

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