Professional translations for hotels

For decades one of the cornerstones of Landoor’s activities has been its translations for the hotel industry, known in the business by the acronym Ho.Re.Ca. (Hotes-Restaurants-Cafes/Catering). Our team of mother tongue translators, revisers and project managers are very familiar with the challenges and the specific characteristics of the hotel industry, a segment of the economy that is as interesting as it is demanding.

Translation of websites for the hospitality industry

Most guest accommodation facilities have undoubtedly taken advantage of the 21st century digital revolution, choosing the web as their main channel of promotion and income. The quality of the content presented online is therefore highly important for the credibility of a hotel, whether it be a major chain, a resort, a bed&breakfast, a motel, a residence or a family-run boarding house. And the positive reviews and feedback of guests on social media are equally vital. Landoor supplies certified multilingual translation services and guarantees the rigorous localisation of websites, also taking account of the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) – a crucial factor in this sector in which online competition is particularly fierce – and the continuous updating of the sites in their various languages on the basis of the changes made to the source language texts. The fact that many of our clients are leaders in the hospitality industry is also down to our ability to quickly translate and adapt large volumes of content, guaranteeing the richness and consistency of its language.

Translations of printed materials for hotels

As well as the translation of hotel websites, Landoor also provides multilingual translations of the texts used inside the hotels themselves. The goal of every hotelier is to make their hotel a welcoming and relaxing place for tired travellers far from home. If guests are faced with language or cultural barriers at check-in or check-out or when using room service their stress levels will only increase. As such, the hospitality industry must necessarily prioritise the excellent translation of the materials it uses to communication information to customers: signs, reminders, brochures, guidelines on emergency procedures, the internal regulations of hotels. For example, guests must be able to clearly understand how to ask for an extra towel, how the car park works or how to correctly serve themselves from the minibar. Having materials that explain these aspects in various different languages is essential. As well as producing these texts, on request Landoor can also manage the page layout and printing of these materials.

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