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People have always been the best algorithm

From the past to the future

A business with thirty years of experience in the translation services industry – marked by numerous accolades and awards - which evolves to embrace new innovations and specialist expertise: from the Trans-Edit Group comes Landoor, a dynamic and agile new organisation that launches a revolutionary new approach in the sector together with a competitive new market strategy.

A revolutionary way of doing business

Technological excellence and unique human values come together in a new business model based on technologically ambitious strategies aimed at streamlining processes and promoting dialogue with clients. At the same time, Landoor holds dear the human, creative and cultural value of the translators and resources inherited from its parent company, Trans-Edit Group.

Competitive market strategy

Landoor is your open door to a world which finally speaks a universal language. For foreign companies operating in Italy and Italian companies wishing to internationalise, Landoor is key to breaking down communication barriers. We go straight to the heart of the matter and transform market potential into real business opportunities. 7/24/365.


Landoor speaks the language of its clients Its human-to-human model hinges on the union between technology and human expertise. This is why it is constantly innovating its language processes and technologies, making them available to People who, with their creativity and professionalism, represent Landoor’s biggest asset. This business model is rooted in people-centric ethical values and in the belief that happier people means better workers. This conviction led to the creation of Weldoor, a company wellness programme designed to facilitate the work-life balance and create a pleasant and stimulating work environment. The Weldoor formula has become a corporate social responsibility benchmark among Italian SMEs which, like Landoor, invest in human value to foster individual, corporate and social growth.

La vision di Landoor

Quality Certification

Landoor is one of the very few professional translation and interpreting companies to have obtained triple certification: in addition to the quality management (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015) and translation service (ISO 17100:2015) certifications common to translation agencies around the world, Landoor has also been awarded certification for its interpreting services (ISO 10574:2007).

Certificazioni Landoor

Memberships and partnerships

Landoor is a member of important trade and national associations, as well as prestigious CSR foundations. It has also formed partnerships with leading universities and higher learning institutions across Italy for curricular and extra-curricular internships and traineeships. AFFILIAZIONI loghi


R&D and CSR Partnerships

Landoor pursues R&D projects in close partnership with leading research centers and innovative companies, as well as CSR projects with esteemed associations and companies with which it shares a philosophy centred on human value and personal and professional growth.



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Adele Nardulli CEO & Owner
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Eliana Tosoni Scientific Chief Editor & Communication Manager
Letizia Clerici Chief Project Manager
Barbara Borsani Account Manager
Debora Melania Martuccio Sales & Marketing Dept.
D'Attilio Anna
Anna D'Attilio Project Manager
Emanuela Favaro Vendor Management Assistant
Federica Vassena
Elisabetta Castaldo Administration Dept.
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Francesco Giustiniani Finance Dept.
Giuseppina Ruggiero Desktop Publishing
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Francesco Giustiniani Finance Dept.
Giuseppina Ruggiero
Giuseppina Ruggiero Desktop Publishing
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Annamaria Ottolini Desktop Publishing