Strategic copywriting

The rapid, unstoppable advancement of the Internet has profoundly transformed marketing and communication techniques. Copywriters and communication professionals have taken on a new role: in today’s world, creating a community and sharing the company’s values with the market are as important as gaining new customers. This is why the most astute companies have honed in on driving brand awareness, i.e., becoming a household name with a given target. The objective is to inform potential customers of the brand’s unique qualities and the values that it aims to spread. Landoor works in line with new business needs: our copywriters and project managers are respected professionals who assist customers with communications in all major languages. They do this by drawing on their language skills, expert knowledge of the tools used to study social trends and mastery of persuasive writing techniques. We call this process “strategic copywriting” because with this type of communication, the content is carefully designed to persuade users to act in a specific way or to generate a lead (or to turn a target into a buyer/registered member/subscriber). More generally, the strategy behind strategic copywriting is to create a solid base of loyal customers who think of the brand as an ally, an inspirational model, the champion of a worldview worth embracing. Landoor’s copywriters have a deep understanding of even the most modern communication channels: websites, blogs, social networks, email, newsletters, digital storytelling and all digital PR activities. They are professionals who combine passion and experience with a mastery of the techniques used to create advertising campaigns meticulously designed in each and every step of the process, from the overarching strategy to the individual creative choices. Once the copy strategy has been developed (i.e., the document establishing the key elements of the advertising strategy from a creative standpoint has been prepared), our team of copywriters interprets our client’s intent through the written word. Specifically, the team develops a concept, creating headlines, taglines (also known as endlines or pay-offs) and bodycopy. If necessary, it also handles new product naming. The strategies deployed can vary significantly according to the target audience and/or product or service to promote. The most successful formulas are usually those that combine direct language with original, engaging copy. Nevertheless, regardless of the style, effective communications hit the mark when the message is understood on a rational level and felt on an emotional one. Concise texts, whether written or spoken, are usually the most effective, especially in today’s world, where it is essential capture the market’s attention quickly and stand out in the tide of competition. Landoor’s copywriters are also aware of the extreme importance of using the right tone of voice, which must reflect the brand’s identity and the product type (for example, the tone may be witty in an ad for an ice cream or beverage, but it should be suggestive or sensual for a cosmetic or fragrance). Through knowledgeable, savvy use of figures of speech, puns and humorous or cultural references, copywriters can play with words, achieving effective results in every part of the message. Paradoxically, it is sometimes more effective to leave the pay-off in the original language (especially if it’s English), but only an communication specialist has the kind of expertise to decide. Landoor’s professionals who write copy for online marketing are also SEO copywriting specialists, experts in the art of mixing excellent creative writing with search engine optimization. Optimal indexing on Google and other search engines can be achieved with the right keywords, tags and metatags sourced using big data analytics tools. Merely translating the keywords used for pages in the source language does not suffice. For each localized page, it is vital to analyze the data resulting from searches in the foreign language. Today, SMO (social media optimization) has become a fundamental strategy to combine with SEO. In SMO, content (organic or available for a fee) is created to motivate the public to interact with the brand’s or the product’s social media page or website/blog. When the content generates interest and web page visits, companies see results in terms of search engine results page rankings and online reputation.

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