Curation services

Publishing houses frequently turn to Landoor to have a book curated by a professional of the highest caliber, selected by the agency or by the publisher itself. Editorial curators must have comprehensive knowledge of the subject: they are usually academic scholars, researchers at prestigious clinical institutions, scientific research centers and universities or professionals with a long track record in their field. Curators are involved in three stages of localization:

  • Working with the editor, offering insight on how to improve the form and content of the text or how to structure it best for the target audience;
  • Supporting professional translators, providing them with advice and specialized guidance on content and language (terminology and wording);
  • Assisting in final technical or scientific validation (less for the correction of oversights, which fall under the responsibility of proofreaders) and editing .

Over the years, Landoor has handled curation for publishers (finding and hiring a curator or only coordinating the publisher’s curators), for more than 100 scientific publications.

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