Translations for the media and entertainment industry

A large part of Landoor’s client portfolio is made up of translations for the media and entertainment sector. The public of the digital era is very demanding: they love accessing high-quality content that amazes them and generates strong emotions. The most advanced technologies make it easier to develop this content – but only genuine multimedia localisation experts like Landoor are also able to reproduce the creativity of the original version in other languages. Linguistic and cultural localisation (i.e. the development of a product that is sensitive to the expectations of the target audience) is a sophisticated process that can only be carried out by professionals with extensive experience. Only a partner like Landoor can carry out all necessary actions to ensure that media & entertainment production companies reach an international audience. Landoor provides its clients with localisation services for content like

  • animations;
  • audiovisuals;
  • broadcasts;
  • advertising campaigns (including teasers, trailers and promos);
  • thematic web channels;
  • short films;
  • documentaries;
  • edutainment;
  • films;
  • TV formats;
  • pay-tv;
  • gamification projects;
  • broadband programmes;
  • streaming programmes;
  • on demand programmes;
  • TV series;
  • sitcoms;
  • videoblogs;
  • web series.

Language localisation for videos

A case apart is our specialisation in the translation of videos, a fast and immediate form of communication not just in the world of entertainment but also increasingly in the world of business and training materials. Polished translations of videoclips and multimedia content lead to exponential increases in visibility. The Landoor work cycle, created and consolidated over the years, involves the transcription of the audio material, the translation and final editing, enabling the company to provide its clients a turnkey service for any language combination. Our professionals are specifically trained in the translation and adaptation of videos, while our technical team is able to manage any audio and video format. The fast processing times and tech savvy of the Landoor editorial teams specialised in multimedia localisation make it possible to shorten the amount of time it takes to publish on video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. We offer our clients three main types of localisation in the multimedia environment: subtitling, voiceovers and dubbing. Subtitling is the most economic form of localisation. Video voiceovers cost a little bit more but are more effective. However, the most polished results are achieved with dubbing, whereby voice talents lend their voices to the characters in the videoclip with the necessary skill and sensibility.

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