Translations for marketing and communication consultancy companies

Landoor is a trusted partner of various high-profile organisations that provide consultancy for marketing, communication and PR strategies – an action area geared towards amplifying the success of a product on the market and accelerating the business of the end customer. Marketing consultancy companies help businesses identify the features that a good or service must possess in order to stand out from the competition and improve its perceived value, as well as the most important drivers that influence the consumption choices of potential clients and the communication strategy in the product launch and follow-up phases. For businesses these consultants represent a useful source of external support that takes care of relations with the press, creating valuable contacts for the publication of promotional material for trade magazines and other traditional or more modern channels, with campaigns that can prove to be crucially important. In an increasingly globalised world where English is the lingua franca of both B2B and B2C communications, the translation/localisation of marketing material is a source of added source whose importance cannot be underestimated. As such, all types of promotional content should be translated with the utmost sensitivity to the target culture. Sticking to the topic of localisation, the importance of web marketing cannot be ignored. Trade fairs still exist, and perhaps they always will, but businesses that want to be successful in the 21st century must have adequate online presence and visibility. Businesses that use web marketing agencies specialising in search engine positioning are one step ahead in this sense as they do not need to invest money in the creation of web or e-commerce sites which in the long run will not give them an adequate ROI and produce the desired effects in terms of visits and sales. There may be various effective strategies for achieving positive online business results but, as with traditional marketing, the accurate communication of the key messages in one or more major foreign language is an absolute must. And as the development of a business depends on the number of clients it is able to attract and their loyalty, all marketing strategies must be founded on carefully crafted communications that are perfectly tailored to the audience of potential clients. Landoor’s language services come into play in this phase of the marketing consultancy activities and are always in line with the most recent market trends. Although much of our work is focused on the localisation of multimedia texts and materials aimed at the vast public of digital media users, we also carry out projects aimed at more traditional channels (press, TV, radio, posters, brochures, fliers, catalogues, product sheets for vendors and agents). We localise websites, e-commerce sites, applications, social media pages, newsletters, magazines and blogs – fully aware of the formulas used in the new languages of online communication, as well as multichannel marketing methods and terminology (translation of promotional messages sent via e-mail, messaging apps and text messages). Our dedicated localisation project teams also include mother tongue professionals with a talent for transcreation, a combination of translation and copywriting with a particular understanding and feel for the culture and idiosyncrasies of the local market. Our transcreators are valuable partners for marketing consultancy companies also with regard to naming operations, i.e. the choice of a name that respects the identity of the brand but is also suited to the desires, needs and requirements of the consumer, contextualised in their country of origin. We also work with companies that regularly use strategies based on experiential marketing (in which the purchasing process is driven by perceptive, sensory and emotional stimuli) and unconventional marketing – innovative and persuasive forms of communication often consisting of a mix of entertainment and information and capable of grabbing the attention of the public because of their originality. Consultancy companies often organise high-profile conferences and seminars for businesses which are attended by marketing gurus or motivational speakers of international renown. Landoor is a valuable partner at these events, providing simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage interpreting services.

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