Translation of websites

Website translation is one of Landoor’s most popular services with the highest customer satisfaction. A team of specialized professionals adeptly handles the translation of websites in one or more foreign languages and provides many more web marketing and SEO services to clients active on foreign markets. Every website localization project is unique, requiring the creation and coordination of an ad hoc team of translators and transcreators, editors, localization professionals and SEO experts. Using the most recent technologies, Landoor’s teams work on several fronts: translation and localization of content for the target context, search engine optimization and maintenance of the multilingual website, in order to achieve three key objectives:

  • convey the message the best possible way;
  • make a company’s online content easily accessible on target markets
  • facilitate the management and maintenance of the translated pages. 

Digital tools for the translation of websites

Landoor uses advanced technologies to localize websites, either working directly on the source files (HTML, php, aspx, Xml, Xliff, etc.), which are fully compatible with the top CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more) or, upon request, accessing the content directly on the customer’s server. Any type of multimedia content on a website can be translated and localized: images (including graphics and diagrams, logos and buttons), videoclips, audio files and PDF archives. Sophisticated software cuts the time needed for translation and localization and lowers the cost of translating a website, as localizers can translate content without altering the underlying code in any way. Landoor also assists clients with the maintenance of multilingual websites translated in various languages using plug-ins that connect the client’s website directly to the localization system and automatically monitor the changes in the source language so they may be propagated in the other languages.

Linguistic and cultural localization

Landoor entrusts the translation of web pages exclusively to highly experienced mother-tongue professionals qualified for the specific sector. Their job is to adapt the original text to the target language so that it reads naturally and meets users’ needs and expectations. The successful translation of a website is achieved not only through the appropriate word choices, but also by using common expressions, the specific graphics/technical practices of each culture and, if necessary, carefully adjusting the style, register and tone of the text with the right editorial touches.

Targeted translation for top search engine results page positioning

Landoor’s localization service includes the translation of websites with SEO, i.e., transposing the structural and operating metadata (additional information in the code, invisible to users but indispensable for search engine results rankings) into the foreign language as well. This data includes, for example, Title and Description tags, the Alt attributes of images and RDF/Schema metadata – all of which are fundamental elements for successful indexing on Google, Bing, Yahoo and similar search engines. The translation of metadata considers, on one hand, the optimization of the original site and, on the other, the objectives of the translated site. It also often involves analyses by SEO specialists to choose the right keywords in the target language and other crucial elements for search engine optimization.

Multilingual translations secure future business success

Translating a company website in various languages is the best way (albeit not the only way) of achieving global visibility. Translating websites into English is the first necessary step and is, to some extent, a given, but translating a website into Spanish, Chinese or Hindi expands the pool of potential customers for a product or service exponentially. A do-it-yourself approach to the translation of a website can substantially affect a company’s international success, because localization is not merely the transposition of words from one language to another, but a delicate, complex operation in which linguistic, cultural and technical skills all play an important part. This is why it is so important to use real localization professionals like Landoor.

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