Professional translations for the new media and digital industry

The advent of the “new digital media”, the evolution of the media thanks to nascent digital technologies, has resulted in the creation of new channels and communication tools which have transformed the expectations of the public in terms of both content and accessibility. The multimedia localisation of this content for the various target countries involves the accurate reproduction of the emotional and innovative power of the original products, as well as their technical functionalities. Landoor, always at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, has extended its vast experience in the traditional mass media sector to the new frontier of the digital & new media industry. Landoor can cater for all kinds of publications, whether printed or electronic books, news, articles or reviews for newspapers/periodicals or websites, printed or online magazines, adverts or commercials for the press, radio, TV or web. Broadcast producers and distributors, leading TV and web TV stations, film production companies, advertising agencies, digital media companies and well-known bloggers, and more generally all professionals and companies that create or distribute traditional or multimedia content, also use Landoor’s services. Our language professionals are conscious of the need to supply quick and accurate translations, even in the case of last-minute rewrites and ultra-urgent deliveries. And our project managers are able to quickly put together work teams consisting of mother tongue translators, revisers and consultants, guaranteeing three important aspects: stringent quality controls, the ability to work with all file types and formats, and maximum discretion. Our translation services for the media cover:

IT and telecommunications translations

Landoor is a translation agency that is able to translate technical and promotional documentation for the information technology, telecommunications and telephone equipment and mobile telephony sectors, as well as for VoIP services and IoT (Internet of Things) services.

Translations for the media and entertainment industry

Businesses and professionals in the media & entertainment sector can entrust the Landoor multimedia localisation teams with the translation of their multimedia and video materials, also for subtitling, voiceovers and dubbing.

Translations for the digital media

Landoor facilitates the spread of new media content produced by companies and institutions, offering them its know-how for the localisation of all types of content on channels supported by digital devices connected to the Internet (PCs, smartphones, televisions, consoles).

 Translations for digital marketing

Landoor is a top-class supplier of translation and localisation services for video advertising and multimedia marketing which takes full advantage of the potential of the Internet to promote goods and services.

Translations of videogames

With a team of specialist translators and other industry professionals, Landoor provides professional, integrated and comprehensive services for the localisation of videogames, also assisting publishers with the management of dubbing and testing.

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