Authoring or copywriting?

Authoring is the drafting of original texts and documents or the creation of graphic, audiovisual and multimedia content for publication to reflect the client’s intent. Landoor mainly handles the preparation of technical manuals, product information and printed and online guides – often designed from the start to be localized and subsequently updated. We also receive many requests to develop websites and create multimedia content. Our teams handle each step of the process: design, creation, editing and layout/posting online. What distinguishes authoring from copywriting (and transcreation) is that there is no source text to use as a starting point, although the client always gives us a written or verbal brief – which is absolutely necessary for the first draft – and remains in contact with us, providing feedback in an ongoing exchange with the author. Creating copy “out of nothing” is also called origination in the advertising world. Landoor’s authors are professionals with the training and experience needed to pick the the best communications strategy and writing techniques to meet the client’s goals. They are selected by our project managers based on their proven track record of successfully applying their specific skills to various types of texts:

  • Billboards and copy for outdoor advertisements;
  • Brochures, flyers and other marketing material;
  • Manuals;
  • Text for the Internet (web pages, landing pages, articles and blog advertorials, social media posts);
  • Texts for print (advertorials, articles and advertisements) in the general or specialized press;
  • Copy for radio advertisements;
  • Copy for TV commercials.

Our web content writers are fully aware of the importance of devoting special attention to search engine optimization (SEO) when creating text. Copy posted online must meet two fundamental requirements: it must be interesting, clear and read smoothly for readers and it must be optimized for search engines in the target language to come out on top of results pages (SERP).

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