Translations for the fashion sector

Fashion industry companies that wish to increase their visibility on the global markets and distribute their products at international level need high quality translations and excellent localisation of their online stores. The translations of articles and news for magazines and fashion websites are also very important. To communicate the credibility of a brand it is essential that the brand image is relayed in such a way as to appear attractive and “authentic” to the potential target audience. Landoor offers fashion labels top-quality translation and localisation services for all communication materials and impeccable interpreting services for industry events and shows. Finally, Landoor also translates and localises corporate and e-commerce websites, focusing particular attention on the optimisation of texts to improve their search engine indexing (SEO).

The advantages of working with Landoor

Thanks to its prestigious offices in the world’s undisputed fashion capital, Landoor has very close and in-depth knowledge of the Milan fashion system. For decades it has supported the leading haute couture and prêt-à-porter labels, providing them with important assistance as they export ‘made-in-Italy’ to the global markets. Helping its clients to express themselves in the most important global languages, it facilitates their relations with the public, consumers, business partners and the press. Whether it be a company in the textiles or yarn sectors, a clothes, footwear or accessories label, a communications agency, a fashion blogger or an influencer, Landoor offers its unparalleled expertise in translation, localisation and copywriting services which, together with the analysis of the corporate identity and brand of the client and the creation of personalised style guides and termbases, enables it to convey all of the charm and emotional power of the client’s communication material.

How we work

The Landoor work teams only use qualified mother tongue translators and revisers with excellent knowledge of the sector and its terminology, as well as a particular feel for the correct linguistic register. In fact, advertising materials and copy for article descriptions often contain messages that are designed to be engaging and impactful. You can only obtain the desired effect in translations if the texts are adapted to the local context and the cultural and linguistic idiosyncrasies of the target audience; this is done through a process of transcreation (translation with creative adaptation), which gives the text the freshness and emotional impact that a document written directly in the target language would have. The localisation process also includes other aspects like the adaptation of sizes and units of measurement to those used in the target country and the transposition of currencies with which purchases can be made in the online store. Last but not least, Landoor collaborators that specialise in fashion translations are open to undergoing continuous professional development to stay up to date with the rapidly evolving trends in the fashion sector and the most relevant issues in the industry, such as environmental sustainability and the recycling of materials. Landoor offers its clients services for the translation/localisation of:

  • Applications for smartphones and tablets;
  • Blogs;
  • Advertising campaigns;
  • Catalogues;
  • Press releases;
  • Multimedia content;
  • Lookbooks;
  • Promotional materials (brochures, leaflets);
  • Online/e-commerce stores;
  • Newsletters;
  • Press kits;
  • Advertorials;
  • Press reviews;
  • Magazines;
  • Product sheets;
  • Corporate websites and portals (for SEO);
  • TV commercials;
  • Presentations, programmes, invitations, fliers, totems.

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