Translations for financial markets and asset management (AM)

The world of securities is a highly complex and continuously evolving sphere: traditional credit instruments (shares) and debt securities (bonds and government bonds) are joined by innumerable types of derivatives which can variously be used for covering financial risk (hedging), arbitrage or speculation. Operators on the capital markets have to pursue suitable strategies in order to transform the many obstacles invariably present on different fronts – geopolitical instability, turbulent and volatile markets, technological innovation, compliance with laws and regulatory requirements, fierce competition at global level – into opportunities.

With all aspects of financial activities there are obviously also language issues to consider and for this reason it is important to be able to count on expert translators and localisers of content who are able to enhance the value of the brand and lay the foundations for a completely trusting relationship with the investor client.

Our partners in the AM sector

Landoor works with numerous investor relations offices of listed Italian and foreign multinationals. It is also a well respected partner of supervisory authorities, issuers, investors, placement agents, consultants, advisors, mediators and financial intermediaries (public and private sector) like:

  • asset managers
  • merchant banks
  • brokers and traders
  • investment companies
  • insurance companies
  • foundations
  • sovereign wealth funds
  • pension funds
  • SGR (asset management companies)
  • SICAF (fixed capital investment companies)
  • SICAV (open-ended investment companies)
  • SIINQ (unlisted real estate investment companies)
  • SIIQ (listed real estate investment companies)
  • SIM (stockbroking companies)
  • trust companies
  • special purpose vehicles (SPE and SPV)
  • venture capitalists

We translate a vast range of texts connected with the issuance, placement and underwriting of securities on the primary market, as well as documents related with dealing, brokerage and market making on the secondary market. And this goes for all types of asset class and all markets:

  • credit, securities and insurance market;
  • money market (including Forex or foreign exchange market) and capital market;
  • cash market and derivatives market;
  • regulated market and OTC.

Investment banks that count on global and international strategies can also rely on our valuable language support for business finance activities (mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, demergers) and corporate restructuring (also for factoring and securitisation transactions), as well as in the asset management and risk management sectors.

Financial products managed by asset managers

The transactions referred to in the legal and information documents that we translate involve the most common financial instruments:

  • ABS (asset backed securities)
  • bills of exchange
  • carry trade
  • CDS (credit default swap)
  • CFD (contracts for difference)
  • CLN (credit-linked notes)
  • certificates
  • ETC (exchange traded commodities)
  • ETF (exchange traded funds)
  • ETP (exchange traded products)
  • investment funds (shares, bonds, harmonised, balanced, closed-end, open-end, hedge, ethical, UCITS, private equity, sovereign wealth)
  • pension funds
  • IPO (Initial Public Offerings)
  • collective investment undertakings
  • UCITS (undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities)
  • takeover bids
  • public subscription offers
  • structured finance transactions
  • options and binary options
  • savings accounts
  • repurchase agreements
  • individual savings accounts
  • FIP policies (individual pension arrangements)
  • PIP policies (individual pension plans)
  • index-linked policies
  • unit-linked policies
  • REIT (real estate investment trusts)
  • participatory securities (like stock options and warrants)
  • total return swaps (TRS or TRORS)

Translations in the Fintech and blockchain sector

Some of our linguists have gone on to specialise in new types of financial services made possible by the application of the most recent information and communication technologies: we are talking about the FinTech, which includes cryptocurrencies, digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins supported by the blockchain), electronic portfolios, DLT, smart contracts and open banking.

Appropriate financial language

In a sector like capital markets it is essential to be able to communicate effectively with the target market, offering the most suitable and comprehensible language solutions for the target audience. Many of our translators and revisers have years of direct experience as analysts, advisors or managers, and therefore have the necessary knowledge and sensibility to choose the right register and the most appropriate language for every text and context: in fact, financial marketing can be of a specialist/sectorial level for demanding investors or more informative and persuasive for retail customers. The content of the communication can be traditional or multimedia-based. In any case, we closely base our terminology choices on the indications of the European Union, the OECD and the leading trade associations.

Fast delivery times and the utmost confidentiality of sensitive data (guaranteed via non-disclosure contracts) are the final ingredients of our services to support operators on the capital market.

The most common types of translations requested:

  • applications for smartphones and tablets
  • articles, editorials and advertorials on economic-financial topics (fundamental analysis, technical analysis, etc.)
  • incorporation documents
  • annual reports
  • trading books
  • brochures and flyers
  • business plans
  • advertising and marketing campaigns
  • codes of ethics
  • analyst comments
  • manager comments
  • press releases
  • shareholder and investor communications
  • contracts
  • business letters
  • directives (e.g. MIFID, UCITS, Basel)
  • corporate documentation
  • investor guides
  • shareholder notices
  • interfaces of online and automated trading platforms
  • KIIDs (Key Investor Information Documents)
  • anti-money laundering guidelines
  • market overviews
  • memoranda
  • organisation, management and control models
  • news
  • newsletters
  • policies
  • portfolio reviews
  • internal procedures
  • prospectuses
  • risk profile questionnaires
  • regulations (funds, management)
  • financial reports (annual, half-yearly and quarterly)
  • investment fund reports
  • reports
  • forex signals
  • service level agreements (SLA)
  • financial websites and blogs
  • slideshows and presentations
  • articles of association
  • tutorials
  • promotional video clips (dubbed or subtitled)

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