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English is the second most widely spoken language in the world by number of native speakers. Although Mandarin tops the list, it is no rival to English in international relations, science and technology. English is considered the official language around the globe in fields like aviation, research, engineering, marketing and communications. It is the lingua franca for scientific publications, global trade and international diplomacy in an increasingly interdependent world. The extraordinary reach of English can undoubtedly be traced back to colonization, when the British Empire wielded enormous influence in every corner of the world, followed by the political and economic influence that the United States has exerted in more recent times. Moreover, English is an objectively simple language (there is no grammatical gender, no declinations and verb conjugations are elementary) and lends well to rapid development with the continuous creation of neologisms that are short and to the point, yet manage to fully express the new concepts and ideas of technological innovation. English encompasses a fairly large variety of different dialects: in addition to British and American English there are noticeable differences between the brands of English spoken in Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. However, in translations, it is very easy to sidestep this issue by using “standard” or “international” English, i.e., universally understood terms and expressions. Nonetheless, professional language service providers like Landoor have the specialized language experts and tools to execute perfectly localized translations in English that reflect the local culture and are in tune with the specificities and idiosyncrasies of the language used in the target country. Each English-speaking market presents its own specific business sectors. For example, Italian exports to the US mainly consist of machinery, vehicles, textiles, clothing and agri-food, while Italian imports from the US are primarily pharmaceuticals and chemicals, energy and aircraft. In any case, the intrinsic qualities of English as a vehicle for international communications make it far and away the most frequently requested language in any sector. Landoor relies on a bevy of mother-tongue professionals who accurately and expertly provide:

Moreover, it is important to bear in mind that, for any export business, localizing its corporate website or e-commerce portal in English is the first, crucial step in expanding visibility and sales exponentially around the globe. Landoor is at the cutting edge of localization with its SEO-specialized localizers and transcreators. English is also the most frequently requested language for all types of interpreting services (consecutive, simultaneous, liaison, chuchotage, call/video and respeaking), with Landoor responding to every request with a qualified team of expert interpreters with years of experience in their respective languages and sectors. English to Italian and Italian to English translation rates may vary considerably depending on the type of text and content.

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