Weldoor: Wellness according to Landoor

Weldoor is the corporate wellness and work-life balance programme that Landoor dedicates to its employees and workers. This innovative and pioneering paradigm is a genuine cornerstone of our business model and one of the foundations our company was built on. It revolves around the importance of People and their irreplaceable value for the growth of our business. Over the years the Weldoor formula, already tried and tested during the Trans-Edit Group years, has received acknowledgments from various authoritative institutions (European Parliament, Ministry of Employment, the Senate Permanent Committee on Employment and Social Security for the Region of Lombardy) and is regarded as a successful and replicable model by many Italian SMEs. In fact, as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, an increasing number of enterprises are interested in investing in human values to foster individual growth. The idea that the recreation and relaxation of employees threatens productivity has become obsolete, and it has been well documented for some time now that promoting high levels of physical, psychological and social wellbeing among workers in all kinds of roles produces notable direct benefits also for the organization. Working better (not working more) is the key to increasing productivity. Businesses that can count on motivated staff who are proud to work for their company are guaranteed to see an exponential rise in the most important performance indicators. The greater the level of organisational wellness and employee satisfaction in a company, the more likely it is to grow. Landoor’s corporate wellness philosophy is based on respect for the individual and the balance between all the various aspects of their lives: work, private life, recreation, health and the psychological and relational spheres. In this context, Weldoor is an integrated approach structured into four modules: time saving, wellness, health and fitness.

Smart working: maximum flexibility in terms of hours and location

Thanks to our investments in advanced digital technology (cloud computing), our employees are able to freely organise their working days between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., to decide whether to work in the office or from home, and to independently manage their breaks, leave and holidays, obviously on the understanding that they complete the various projects assigned to them. This flexible work approach (banked hours) is included in the supplementary company agreement signed with the trade union and based on the Flexible Work law that came into force in 2017. We were one of the first companies to come to such an agreement with the unions in Italy, a country where people sometimes think that work-life balance policies only exist in the welfare programmes of major multinationals.

Local time-saving service agreements

Again with the aim of reconciling their working and private lives, Landoor employees are given the opportunity to take advantage of a series of time-saving services designed to simplify work-life balance. In fact, we have formed a string of agreements with local businesses such as pharmacies, launderettes, tailors, carwashes and hairdressers – often with collection and delivery directly on the company premises. Other useful services (post office, motorbike repairs, garden restaurant, free Wi-Fi) are guaranteed by agreements offered by the co-working spaces that host our offices (Copernico Centrale in Milan, one of the most innovative and advanced business hubs in Italy).

High quality office space

The office remains a fundamental place in the working life of the company both for preventing the alienation of isolation and for promoting direct dialogue between people, with all the advantages that derive from verbal and non-verbal communication. For Landoor, flexible working must be counterbalanced by a workplace that prioritises flexibility and comfort, an attractive, welcoming, lively and collaborative office, a relaxed yet motivating environment that stimulates and provides tangible benefits. Our business premises is a place for meeting and socialisation, a space that people are happy to visit, a space where they feel at home. In this positive environment relationships are developed, trust and empathy is generated, and the spectre of burn-out – officially recognised as an illness by the WHO – is kept at bay. When employees are not subject to excessive stress but have the chance to work in a positive and encouraging context they discover that they are able to manage quite complex projects, a source of great motivation.

An ideal environment for networking and sharing ideas

The Copernico 38 hub, where we have established our headquarters together with 250 other Milanese businesses and start-ups, is the ideal place for meeting and socialising, encouraging dialogue, professional and personal growth, recreation, moments of informal sharing and official partnership agreements, in a multi-company environment notable for its open and dynamic mentality which, with the emphasis on networking, acts as an exponential multiplier.

How is the Weldoor programme structured?

Weldoor activities, which are free of charge for Landoor employees and external collaborators, are extended via a series of agreements to the entire community (approx. 2000 workers) of Copernico Centrale (site of Landoor’s head office) and the nearby Blend Tower and Zuretti, and include:

  • free onsite gym with aerobic (fitness, superjump, fit boxing, thunderbell) and anaerobic courses (Pilates, yoga, postural training) and other functional and holistic disciplines – all of which supervised by a team of highly qualified trainers who help participants to reactivate their bodies and improve their breathing and posture;
  • health information and consultancy appointments with specialists including eye doctors, sports physicians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, dermatologists, psychologists, naturopaths. Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and to focus particular attention on the prevention of problems connected with the sedentary lifestyles of those who spend many hours sitting at their desks, as well as the illnesses caused by a prolonged use of computers and other devices;
  • plantar reflexology and lymphatic drainage sessions, muscle relaxing and anti-stress massages, fit for face & head massages.

Generational inclusion

The Landoor formula is particularly attractive to Millennials and Generation Z, young professionals that enjoy being part of a working ecosystem and whose priorities are not just monetary reward but also relationships, growth, training, wellness andcommunication. When the extensive experience of senior professionals meets the fresh ideas and enthusiasm of the younger generations – an inestimable source of wealth – everybody benefits. The gym in particular is an important place for socialising, an environment in which hierarchical barriers are removed and the maximum transparency of inter- and intra-company relations is encouraged, with undeniable advantages for the virtuous process of team building.