French-Italian translations

Francophonie – the group of countries in which French is the native and/or official language – extends across all continents, although the great majority of French speakers live in Europe, Africa and North America, and French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is also one of the European Commission’s three working languages, alongside English and German. This creates considerable demand for French-Italian translation services in all major business and cultural sectors. Neighbors like France and Italy (and, to a lesser extent, the French-speaking area of Switzerland and Italy), have truly interdependent economies, especially when it comes to the automotive, pharmaceutical, agri-food, energy, textile and electronics industries. In addition to technical and scientific translations for industry and research, Landoor frequently handles the translation of medical reports from French, as well as legal translations (a direct consequence of the two countries’ geographical proximity and the continuous interactions between their residents). We also excel in the localization of websites, apps and e-commerce portals in French, a service we highly recommend for clients aiming to boost their ROI in a country known for its traditionally conservative stance when it comes to language and unwillingness to use English as a common language. And conference and liaison interpreting services are another feather in our cap, as our language experts empathetically bridge the gap between speaker and audience or between different speakers, capturing the subtlest distinctions with extensive vocabulary and nuance.

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