Certification document translations for consultancy companies

Businesses that choose to certify themselves according to a standard (e.g. ISO, UNI or EN) are aware of the need to optimise their organisation through the definition of standardised, verified and documented production and management processes. Each of these activities requires the action of consultants who support the company in terms of transposing legal prescriptions, verifying the level of compliance with regulations and terms, and optimising management systems. All of this always with the goal of improving the company’s results and qualifying as certified suppliers with a high rating/ranking, improving the business’s competitiveness and appeal on the international markets. The main sectors in which the optimisation and certification of management systems may be requested are:

  • respect for the environment: for example, according to the specifications of the environmental management system (ISO 14001) and the indicators for the assessment and improvement of environmental performances (EMAS);
  • quality certification for production processes and management systems: for example on the basis of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, the HACCP system, BRC Food or IFS Food certification;
  • social responsibility of the supply chain and production cycle (e.g. the SMETA standard);
  • health and safety of operators (on the basis of Leg. Decree 81/2008), with the implementation of safety management methods and instruments (ISO 45001) or the OHSAS standards;
  • privacy: specialist consultancy on EU Reg. 679/2016 (compliance with GDPR) and Leg. Decree 196/2003 for data management and protection, procedures for the prevention/verification of IT security systems (Leg. Decree 231/2001);
  • FSC® and PEFC® certification and chains of custody for the identification and traceability of paper- or wood-based products.

The best known consultancy companies accredited for consultancy services in the area of certification systems entrust Landoor with the translation of documents deriving from checks, tests, evaluations and inspections (on structures, equipment and systems, products) and audit, test and analysis activities (in the company or in labs). The Landoor team of translators specialising in certification systems therefore manages the localisation, into the most important languages in the world, of texts deriving from audits and certifying that a specific system, good or product, together with the staff of a company, complies with specific requirements and standards. The Landoor project managers and teams of translators/revisers have extensive previous experience in the translation of certification materials in the most diverse market sectors:

  • Aerospace;
  • Agrifood;
  • Industrial Equipment;
  • Automotive;
  • Consumer products (textiles and clothing, footwear, cosmetics, durable goods, children’s games and products, hi-tech and consumer electronics);
  • Construction;
  • Electricity;
  • Naval industry;
  • Process and extraction industries;
  • Information technology;
  • Institutions and public services;
  • Wood and paper;
  • Medical-pharmaceutical;
  • Oil and gas;
  • Power and utilities;
  • Retail;
  • Healthcare and services;
  • Sport and wellness;
  • Transport and infrastructure.

Just a few of the certification documents we translate to support consultancy companies:

  • Process audits;
  • Product audits;
  • Project audits;
  • Service audits;
  • System audits;
  • Corrective actions;
  • Environmental reports;
  • CSR documentation;
  • Quality manuals and documentation;
  • Safety plans;
  • Environmental policies;
  • Privacy policies;
  • Quality procedures.

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