Professional e-learning translations

Landoor has always been cognizant of the importance of training and truly excels in its professional e-learning translation services.

Businesses and training organizations that use learning management systems (LMS) and e-learning platforms to develop and provide e-learning courses have found an excellent partner in Landoor, and not only for the translation of content (marketing texts, product presentations or the subject of study), but also for the reorganization and redesign of the material in the target language.

Landoor’s resources have been specifically trained to manage the translation of texts and multimedia files on LMS platforms and, once the translation is complete, they reorganize the training material in the target language, saving the client the trouble of having to make any further adjustments.

We work with the following files:

  •  FLA
  • SWF
  • EPS
  • PPT
  • Flash
  • Java
  • HTML
  • XML
  • JSP
  • JS
  • SYS
  • JSON

 And the following e-learning tools:

  • Articulate
  • I-Spring
  • HTML 5

A turnkey service

One professional with a wide array of technical and language skills streamlines the workflow, with continuous quality control, so Landoor can respond rapidly, even to last-minute changes and additions.

This saves time and money for clients, whether they are companies training their sales force and employees, professional training centers or academic institutions.

Let’s hit the books!

Although e-learning is spreading like wildfire due to the obvious benefits in terms of logistics, organization and costs, the Italian market is still deeply rooted in traditional in-person training. When motivation and direct contact with students are absolutely necessary, as in  sales meetings, classroom training with presentation slides, videos and handouts is a strategic choice for many companies, including market leaders.

And Landoor is the go-to agency, a trusted partner for clients in any industry, for any language combination and with any support material. For in-person training, our agency deploys a tried and tested team whose exemplary members – from the account manager and project manager to the specialized translators and interpreters – go beyond meeting the client’s needs. They also suggest the best solutions for a training event that surpasses even the highest standards.

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