Technical translations for consultancy companies

The consultancy company galaxy comprises innumerable types of services targeted at the world of businesses and public entities. The common denominator of these activities is the end goal: enabling businesses to maximise their growth potential. The range of services provided by these companies can range from straightforward advice or solutions through to the implementation of the recommended actions or practices. Most companies offer services that straddle more than one sector, a choice that enables them to take maximum advantage of the synergies between them. The most frequent business areas of consulting companies are:

  • Business consultancy;
  • Commercial consultancy;
  • Image consultancy;
  • Communication consultancy;
  • Personnel management consultancy;
  • Management consultancy;
  • Financial consultancy;
  • Fiscal consultancy;
  • Information technology consultancy;
  • Legal consultancy;
  • Strategic consultancy;
  • Technology consultancy;
  • Tax consultancy.

Many activities carried out by consultancy companies involve language-translation work that takes the form of:

  • Translations of company documents;
  • Translations of commercial documents;
  • Translations of accounting documents;
  • Translations of financial documents;
  • Translations of legal documents/contracts;
  • Translations of marketing documents;
  • Translations of certification documents;
  • Translations of staff training materials;
  • Localisations of websites and portals;
  • Interpreting for conferences and events with international speakers.

For all of these foreign language solutions Landoor is the ideal partner and the choice of the most high-profile consultancy companies that manage the interests of companies of all sizes and want to do so in an appropriate and accurate way also from a linguistic perspective, conscious of the need to take a reactive and proactive approach to the changes imposed by an increasingly competitive and continuously evolving market. For more information

Translations for business and management consultancy companies

Landoor provides business and management consultancy companies with its unparalleled expertise for the accurate translation of commercial, economic, regulatory and social responsibility documents, and for conference interpreting services.

Translations for HR consultancy companies

Landoor supports consultancy companies and accredited training bodies to help drive human capital development activities with the translation of educational/training materials and interpreting services for training and professional updating events.

Translations for marketing and communication consultancy companies

For marketing and communication business consultancy companies Landoor is able to provide its assistance in all phases of the translation and localisation of paper and digital materials, like websites and e-commerce sites, for the promotion of goods and services.

Translations for business consultancy companies for certification systems

Companies that provide consultancy for certification systems entrust Landoor with the translation of environmental, quality, social responsibility, safety and privacy documents.

Translations for consultancy companies for the organisation of conferences

Landoor is the ideal partner for companies that organise conferences and events, and require the translation of written materials and all forms of interpreting services: simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage. Title: Translations for consultancy companies Description: Consultancy companies are valuable partners for growing businesses and Landoor is a top-quality supplier of technical translation and interpreting services for commercial, financial, legal and educational documents.

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