Translations for the insurance sector

Some of the most important insurance companies in Italy and the world use Landoor for their multilingual communications. Our linguists specialising in the insurance sector provide translations of impeccable quality, enabling our clients to manage and minimise the risk of their texts being interpreted incorrectly. We translate insurance contracts and all documents connected with requests for compensation/payouts in the event that claims are filed, as well as technical and medical investigations for damage to objects or persons deriving in particular from workplace accidents and injuries that occurred abroad.

We boast extremely high levels of quality in the sector because we require our translators and revisers to have specific expertise in the area, backed up by continuous professional training on variations to requirements and regulations in the area of law, accounting, reporting, strategic planning, risk management, and data management and analysis.

Insurance companies that place their trust in our expertise know that this decision will translate into sure-fire success on the global market as their communications will be perfectly in line with the most prominent national firms. Our speed and 24-hour availability in the area of specialist translations for the insurance sector, together with our guarantee of maximum confidentiality and data management in full compliance with the GDPR, will help ensure the complete satisfaction of the client.

Landoor supports brokers, intermediaries, actuaries, assessors, adjusters and agents of insurance and reinsurance companies in indemnification activities, i.e. in the well-known “non-life” and “life” branches. The life branch also includes the highly important capital redemption sector, that is the sale and management of a whole series of instruments that are a cross between a financial and insurance product, with policies that involve the payment of a sum of money with interest on the expiry date, and which are often treated as investments or supplementary pension instruments. Thanks to our translation expertise in the capital market and banking sectors, we are also able to assist pension fund managers and insurance companies that help with the management of significant real estate assets.

The wide range of documents that we translate for the insurance sector includes the most diverse types of insurance policies, contracts and forms, such as:

  • insurance coverage agreements and contracts
  • risk certificates
  • codes of ethics
  • insurance conditions
  • policy conditions
  • surety bond contracts
  • pension fund agreements and contracts
  • claims
  • pre-contractual disclosures
  • privacy information
  • technical investigations
  • medical investigations
  • actuarial investigations
  • usage-based insurance policies
  • fire insurance policies
  • insurance policies
  • car and motorbike insurance policies
  • home insurance policies
  • life assurance policies
  • group insurance policies
  • FIP policies (individual pension arrangements)
  • index-linked policies
  • accident insurance policies
  • comprehensive vehicle insurance policies
  • long-term care (LTC) policies
  • endowment policies
  • multi-risk insurance policies
  • PIP policies (individual pension plans)
  • third party liability policies
  • with-profits policies
  • health insurance policies
  • temporary policies
  • unit-linked policies
  • life insurance policies
  • compensation practices
  • customer questionnaires
  • claims reports
  • medical reports
  • regulations
  • anti-fraud reports
  • actuarial reports
  • treaty reinsurance
  • claims reports

In addition, we can also translate and/or localise all types of marketing documents, adapting them perfectly to the target audience:

  • apps for smartphones and tablets
  • articles and advertorials for websites and blogs
  • information brochures and booklets
  • advertising campaigns
  • press releases
  • social media content
  • business letters
  • news for newspapers and magazines
  • newsletters
  • offers
  • websites and portals
  • landing pages

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