Translations for business and management consultancy companies

Business and management consultancy companies provide a wide range of services to public entities and businesses of all sizes (from start-ups to SMEs and multinationals). The common goal of these companies, which usually consist of professionals with lots of previous experience as entrepreneurs and/or managers, is the complete development of their client businesses. This goal can only be achieved by focusing on the most important and topical issues and rising to the challenges of the markets, facilitating the harmonious development of the business by optimising its management and technical/organisational activities. Thanks to their training in the finance and management sectors, notable ability to anticipate trends, continuous professional updating, complete understanding of the market and use of advanced analysis, monitoring and control tools, business consultants constitute an essential guide for improving the efficiency, productivity and profits of companies and eliminating critical issues, reducing costs and improving the performances of assets. For companies that operate in multiple countries, or ahead of mergers and acquisitions, the majority of these services necessitate the production of documents and other types of information texts, certificates and communications in foreign languages. Though most communications take place directly in English in major multinationals, the quality of the language in some types of documents (e.g. procedures, rules, safety documents etc.) can be crucial in improving both comprehension within and between businesses, and the efficiency of management and reporting processes. Because it is able to count on mother tongue language professionals that specialise in the translation of management documents and the supervision of revisers that specialise in the most disparate of business segments, Landoor is the ideal provider of translation services for international consultancy companies that operate in the areas of auditing, compliance, governance, process optimisation, social reporting, risk management, IRB systems, etc. For this specific business sector Landoor translates financial statements and reports, social, environmental and sustainability reports, Codes of Ethics, CSR Codes of Conduct, compliance documents, ISO9001 Quality system and Organisational Model 231 documents, internal procedures and rules, and business plans, to name just a few. For a full list of the types of documents that Landoor translates for management consultancy firms see also Sworn translations – Legal and financial translations.

Business consultancy firms also organise meetings and conferences for entrepreneurs, managers and CEOs from various companies, ideal meeting places for both training and networking activities. These events are often attended by high-profile speakers – well-known personalities from the world of international business – and foreign experts from various sectors. Sometimes the audience also hails from various different countries. For these occasions Landoor is able to provide impeccable conference interpreting services with fixed (simultaneous interpreting booths) or portable systems (bidules).

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