IT and telecommunications translations

As with any other technical discipline, translations of IT and telecommunications documents cannot compromise on quality or present inaccuracies. For this reason the Landoor vendors that provide IT and TLC translation services are professional figures with linguistic expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the sector or micro sector in question. Our teams are irreplaceable partners for businesses in both the manuals and software localisation sectors. We also have qualified external consultants who carry out the final review of the document and can help explain any terms or concepts that arise during the translation process. The intelligent use of computer-aided translation (CAT) tools enables the Landoor teams to stand out from their competitors in terms of quality and quantity, and to reduce the costs for the client. CAT tools are advanced translation support tools that integrate functionalities like translation memories and terminology management through specific glossaries and termbases. While never blindly relying on automatic translations, with these tools the translator has the opportunity to consult previous translation materials and use them to update the new documents without having to worry about more mundane tasks (like the underlying code, the formatting of the page, etc.) Landoor provides the following types of service in the IT area: 

Translation of manuals

By law, all hi-tech products (computers, smartphones, printers and other devices or components, photocopiers, software applications) come with a user manual (printed or online) which is usually drafted in English and requires translations in various languages. Other key maintenance manuals and technical documentation also have to be localised. Landoor provides companies with a high-quality manual service at competitive prices and with fast delivery times.

Translation of software

Around 80% of the world’s software is developed in English and then requires translating/adapting in other languages. Landoor localises all types of software: for operating systems, data storage, backup and hosting services, for networks and telecommunications, as well as for the IT security sector. We provide extremely precise translations of screens, online guides, error messages, product sheets, database records – using a method that involves both the localisation of the language (through the extraction of text strings) and the functional adaptation of the code, and finishes with an in-depth final test.

Translation of apps

For mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems and desktop applications. Landoor is able to translate/localise the source files of applications in all of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, enabling developers to reach a vast number of potential clients and exponentially increase their number of downloads. The partnership with Landoor is also proactive in the application design phase with appropriate advice provided on the layout of the software in order to facilitate its subsequent localisation.

Professional translations for websites and e-commerce

Here it is more correct to talk about the translation of web content and the localisation of websites as to establish an effective interaction with the user a translation must be complemented by an expert cultural adaptation. Our SEO-oriented localisation (thanks to the translation of metatags and the study of keywords in foreign languages) is able to optimise search engine indexing, which in turn leads to improvements in the number of leads generated and the growing loyalty of customers, with an increase in the conversion rate. When the right keywords are used and the most suitable style and structure for the internet are employed, the goal of being easily found (and rewarded) by Google and other search engines becomes realistic for everyone.

Translations for the telephone industry

In a dynamic and rapidly expanding sector like that of telecommunications, businesses with an international outlook need to be able to count on multilingual content. Landoor provides translations of manuals, software, product sheets, press releases, brochures and all types of promotional material in all of the world’s most important languages. We are able to guarantee extremely high levels of terminological consistency and precision with regard to technical documents as well as expert cultural localisation for marketing texts. We have translated immense volumes of words in the areas of telephone devices and mobile telephony, VoIP and IoT (Internet of Things). Our wide range of services for telephone industry operators and OEM is completed with the translation of legal and financial documents.

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