Translation of CAD designs

Landoor is an efficient, quick and practical supplier of translations for bi- and tridimensional technical designs made with the most common CAD systems, including AutoCAD®. We are able to work on the DWG format (developed by Autodesk) or the DXF interchange format, respecting the layouts and formats of the texts. We don’t operate directly in the complex interfaces of CAD programmes but simplify the actions of our translators according to the following type of procedure:

  • Extraction of the text strings from the technical design;
  • Importing of the texts in an advanced CAT tool with an easily manageable text format and spell-check function;
  • Translation (also with the help of company glossaries and termbasesi) entrusted to mother tongue professionals with expertise in the relevant technical sector and carried out in the CAT tool;
  • Re-export to the original DWG file;
  • Checking and fine-tuning by our Desktop Publishing department to ensure the final file is identical to the original.

Depending on the request of the client, the translated text can replace the original in the same layer (for both monolayer and multilayer designs) or be inserted in a new layer specifically added for a given language. It is important to recognise that CAT tools are not machine translation engines but pieces of software that on one hand facilitate the management of texts in a translation platform maintaining the original layout intact and, on the other, enable the translator to use tools like glossaries and memories containing previous documents that have been approved by the client, as well as QC (Quality Control) instruments. Our working method guarantees the client numerous benefits:

  • Automatic counting of new words/phrases and words/phrases that have been modified compared with the translation memories in order to provide the client with the most economical offer;
  • Significantly reduced turnaround times thanks to the automatic reintroduction of the translated texts in the original file, already formatted, on which the client will no longer need to intervene;
  • Terminological and phraseological uniformity of all designs and the utmost quality of the localised versions.

Landoor provides translations of CAD designs for 3D design studios, technical offices and plant engineers/ plant engineering experts in a wide range of sectors:

  • aeronautics and aerospace engineering;
  • architecture;
  • automotive;
  • chemistry;
  • construction;
  • electrical engineering;
  • electronics;
  • energy (oil & gas);
  • toys;
  • civil engineering and major works;
  • machine tools and robotics;
  • plastic;
  • mechanics;
  • metallurgy;
  • furniture and furnishings;
  • regional planning;
  • iron and steel;
  • telecommunications.

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