Translations for Made in Italy.

‘Made in Italy’ has always had a special allure across the world: the creativity, taste, elegance and sophistication that characterise Italian products, as well as the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of our artisans, make them highly desirable goods for millions of people around the globe. How can international businesses evoke this quintessential and inimitable style in the languages of the most important foreign markets? By entrusting their foreign language communications to Landoor’s translators and localisers, who are well aware of the procedures that must be adopted when translating texts for the export of quality Italian products. Landoor therefore helps businesses in the fashion, luxury, culinary, design, furniture, automotive and nautical industries to improve their international visibility, highlighting the quality of their craftsmanship and the originality of their products. All of this with the aim of exporting articles and products, but also a positive image of Italian culture. Landoor has work teams for the most important language pairs (including Italian-Chinese, Italian-Arabic, Italian-Japanese, Italian-Korean, Italian-Russian), as well as European languages. Every project is coordinated by a project manager who oversees a select team of mother tongue translators with proven expertise and linguistic sensibility, editors and copywriters capable of guaranteeing texts that respect the style of the individual company or brand and, at the same time, implement a marketing strategy tailored to the culture of reference. For industry trade fairs, conferences and workshops, special events, roadshows and business missions in Italy or abroad Landoor supplies an interpreting service that is able to accurately convey the charm of the Italian tradition in all of the world’s main languages. For a detailed list of the services offered by Landoor click on the sector of Made in Italy that interests you:

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