Guna entrusts us with the localisation of one of its Webinars in Spanish


Guna is Italy’s leading producer and distributor of homeopathic medicines. Its product range includes cutting-edge dietary supplements and cosmetics, some of which based on stem cell research.

The company focuses close attention on training healthcare professionals and provides courses (both directly and through medical associations) to familiarise them with the characteristics of its medicines and their possible therapeutic applications. One of the tools it uses for this purpose is an e-learning platform, which complements its remote learning activities and in-person training seminars with Italian or local trainers.


In November 2019 it entrusts Landoor with a project involving the dubbing of a series of seminars accessible online. The webinar already exists in Italian and has to be further localised in Castilian in order to make it available to doctors in some South and Central American countries (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru).

The challenge

The service requested from Landoor is the translation of the audiovisual material from Italian to Spanish, followed by the substitution of the original audio track with the new track in the chosen language by professional speakers. It is a turnkey project and therefore also includes a studio recording and the burning of a DVD.

The solution

The Landoor project management team employed a tried and trusted working method in order to fully meet the needs of the client. Firstly, our specialist science translators translated the content of the source language slides (packed with graphics, diagrams, bullet points and images) and then the audio script, following the customary workflow process usually associated with science translations. They then focused on the dual task of recording the track and overwriting the videos, synchronising the voiceover with the slides. The voiceover was entrusted to a native Spanish professional with excellent communication skills. The resulting webinar product was highly polished and accessible to its users.

The result

The client was very happy with our work. These are the words of a Guna’s contact person: Landoor is our trusted partner for medical and scientific translations. We commissioned Landoor to supply online seminars for doctors in Latin America who wanted training on Guna products in Spanish. Landoor provided us with a translation and dubbing service. The results were greatly appreciated by Guna’s international partners and the healthcare professionals. Thank you Landoor for your efficiency and professionalism! 


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