Linguistic and cultural mediation in the healthcare sector

Linguistic and cultural mediation in the healthcare sector

Interpreting – Background

An important private hospital group in the province of Milan, already a Landoor client, entrusts our company with a linguistic-cultural mediation project involving healthcare personnel.

The service, also known as Medical interpreting, is a particular type of interpreting that makes it possible to overcome the linguistic and cultural difficulties in communications between healthcare workers, patients and their families. This kind of service is more critical than ever as inaccurate or unclear communications can lead to misunderstandings regarding key medical information on both sides, at the same time also compromising the compliance of the patient.

Interpreting and minors – The challenge

The partnership with the Hospital Group involved different types of interpreting and various language pairs. In January and February an Italian-Dutch interpreting service was requested for the Pediatric Immunohaematology Department. The role of the interpreter was extremely delicate as the scenario consisted of a series of interviews between minors, accompanied by their families, and the psychologist.

A similar Italian to Japanese over-the-phone interpreting service had previously been provided over a longer period of six months (August 2019-January 2020). A demanding service which even continued through April, at the height of the lockdown, a period in which Landoor guaranteed the continuity of its service to its clients thanks to the creation of 5 crisis units that worked from home to support the medical-scientific sector with a punctual and timely service.

Lockdown and service continuity – The solution

Thanks to a secure and tried and tested home working system that has been in place for twenty years and the use of technologies that enable remote interpreting,  Landoor selected resources who, as well as being excellent linguists, also stood out for their discretion, sensitivity and empathy. Once the interpreters had been selected, the Project Management office further narrowed down the list of candidates before identifying a single Japanese mother tongue interpreter to take on the role for the entire period, a decision that would enable them to develop a trusting relationship with the patient’s family while guaranteeing high levels of professionalism.

Interpreting and communication – The result

The client said they were happy with all aspects of the service. They were particularly pleased with the linguistic sensitivity and empathy of the professionals who performed their roles impeccably while also demonstrating their attentiveness to the needs of the persons involved.


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