Smart Multilingual Solutions

With over 35 years of experience in translation, interpretation, and language services, Landoor has emerged as a leader in integrating specialist expertise across various client sectors with the latest in linguistic technology and the exceptional skills of its translators. Our mission is to deliver bespoke multilingual communication solutions that significantly enhance our clients’ communication strategies.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation: Supporting Our Linguists

Our strategic use of cutting-edge technologies, from machine translation to generative AI like ChatGPT, is a fundamental part of our operations. These tools do more than just cut costs and save time; they are vital in improving the quality of our text outputs. Our project managers carefully decide when and how to incorporate these technologies into our workflows, providing robust support to translators and linguists who ultimately make the final decisions.

Customisation: At the Core of Our Service

Contrary to the trend towards content standardisation, our R&D team specialises in customising algorithms for Large Language Models that drive generative AI. We employ terminological and phraseological glossaries tailored to each industry and company, ensuring each translation is precise and specifically aligned with the client’s unique terminology and style. Our aim is to refine our clients’ multilingual communications for their global business activities.

Project Management: Tailored for Every Client

Project management at Landoor is distinctly personalised. Our project managers work closely with senior linguists to develop bespoke workflows for each client, enabling us to meet a wide range of needs and project specifics with agility and a customer-centric focus.

Excellence in Multilingual Translation

Landoor stands apart through a combination of technological innovation and human expertise, offering translation services known for their quality, accuracy, and speed. Our dedication to excellence, powered by both cutting-edge technology and talented individuals, prepares our clients to effectively meet the challenges of a global, multilingual marketplace.

Innovate to improve” – this motto drives Landoor forward into the future of intelligent communication.

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