Are your financial translations a good investment?

Effective financial translations, including shareholder communications, investor relations, reports and content for international markets are more important than ever before.

Would you like to be more impactful with your target markets and audience?

Clear, concise, and timely communications and content stand out, make a difference and are more impactful.

Perfect quality is also paramount in financial translations and our translators work with the latest computer-assisted translation (CAT) software tools to create translation memories (TM) and glossaries (Termbases) to guarantee consistent, customized terminology across content and translations.

The range of financial content to be translated is extremely vast and often touches upon aspects pertaining to macroeconomics, microeconomics, finance, investing, accounting, business, and management, so having a vast pool of qualified and experienced translators and specialists in domestic and international finance in our team is of the utmost importance.

A wide range of companies choose Landoor for the translation of financial documents, reports, and content.

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