Do you love me (or not)?

In the past, people used to write long love letters. Today, with text messages, voice messages and social media, it has all become very complicated. The heart is red, vibrates, has a dot… but what does it mean? Communication codes have changed, not only in private life. This is why going online and on social networks in your own language – and even more so in a foreign language – requires appropriate communication, a clear message that cannot possibly be misunderstood (do you love me or not?). And which, naturally, must be original and engaging.

This can be achieved through copywriting, a service that involves writing texts in a particular language or translating existing texts, adapting them to the cultural and linguistic context of the target language and, very importantly, to new media.

This requires language skills and SEO-oriented writing techniques specific to the internet. But we also need to know the brand we are writing about and to gauge the right tone of voice for the target market: academic, informative or commercial.

When it comes to international marketing, a transcreator will creatively adapt the text, stirring the same emotions, perhaps using complex words, as complex as feelings, which are an expression of a country’s history, traditions and customs. Because, if it’s a declaration of love, it has to be full-blown!

That’s why you are bound to fall in love with our services!

Landoor, your perfect partner.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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