Landoor’s winning business model is founded on people-centered ethical values and on the premise that when you live better, you work better. 

Landoor has been institutionally recognized as an SME that has successfully implemented a revolutionary welfare program in-house and on a national scale: Weldoor.

From this came the decision to base our offices in the prestigious Copernico 38, an innovative “office as a service” solution that hosts in just the Milano Centrale building more than 200 companies in modular, functional offices and features shared spaces for both work and leisure. 

Weldoor’s Fitness-1 space offers a wide range of fitness & wellness activities and health awareness days made available to community members whether individually or within the context of a company welfare program.

By adopting the Weldoor formula, companies within the community can help expand a winning corporate wellness model, take advantage of consolidated know-how, and encourage greater well-being and engagement among co-workers, becoming pioneers in their reference market.

What does “personal well-being” in the workplace mean and how can we achieve it? How can we attain work and life balance and at the same time increase productivity? Is it really possible to be happy in the workplace? 

We at Landoor believe so fervently in this “extraordinary normality” that we have decided to tell our story in a video using our voices, our faces, our experiences.

Feel free to take a look!