Medical and scientific translations


Medical and scientific translations


Landoor has inherited the best of Trans-Edit Group’s expertise in the field of medical and scientific translations. The company has 30 years’ experience of working in close collaboration with medical and scientific researchers, hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory bodies, producers of electrical medical equipment and editors.
However, the Landoor Life Sciences Division is not just a simple translation department, but a proper editorial office where specialist translators, medical writers, scientific editors and experts in every discipline work in absolute synergy. This team – highly qualified and trained to strict ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards – is the jewel in the Landoor crown.


Landoor provides medical and scientific translations of all kinds of texts: multi-topic volumes or monographs in any medical or scientific discipline, sector magazines, conference publications, technical and medical manuals, research projects and scientific marketing content.
All of this enables us to position ourselves as one of the most specialist and skilled language service providers in the area of medical translations, scientific translations and – more generally – life sciences.