Landoor is the go-to language partner for leading businesses operating across the global markets.

No country is too distant, no language too obscure: our carefully-selected translators operating in the target country draw on their expert knowledge of any business area to faithfully interpret your content. With pro-active, dedicated project managers specializing in the various sectors and located in key countries around the world, Landoor covers all time zones, responding to your requests promptly and ably. By choosing Landoor, you’ll have a partner by your side ready to support even the most critical phases of your workflows, thanks to advanced web-based project management and data protection and security systems which ensure our client interface is active around the clock every day of the year.


Translating is not just about simply converting a piece of text from one language to another – it’s a skilled process at the end of which the original message should be fully embedded within another culture.
With that in mind, our mother-tongue transcreators and copy editors strive to ensure your message is as effective as possible. This is not just “simple” translation, but the adaptation of the text to the cultural context it is intended for. Because for us, breaking down distances is about helping you to share your plans and ideas with the world.
The translation process is split into a series of steps: preliminary page layout,  professional translation, specialist review, proofreading,  post-translation layout and final quality control. Depending on the type of text, these steps can be supplemented by  post-editing  and editorial revision, scientific review,  localization, phototypesetting, printing or delivery on multimedia devices.


Every translator is selected and certified according to the highest quality standards.

Landoor’s global network comprises over 1,000 professional translators working into their mother tongues in their specialist sectors. Our translators are supported by a team of proofreaders, editors and consultants who draw on their indispensable technical and specialist know-how to deliver perfect style and content.