Would your legal translations stand up in court?

The legal sector is quite demanding in terms of expectations regarding costs, deadlines, quality, and security.

Legal translation areas range from commercial, corporate, employment, dispute resolution, litigation, real estate, and investigations, to criminal, procedural and international law, as well as translation for legal departments coming from the most diverse market sectors.

Translating legal texts is extremely delicate and requires sophisticated knowledge of case law and legal doctrine.

Legal translations should therefore be completed by specialist legal translators who not only have extensive knowledge of both the source and target languages, but also have invaluable legal expertise ensuring the same niche terminology and consistency is used, even for different legal systems.

Costs, deadlines, and alignment of best legal translators for each case and project should be managed by expert project management teams, who will have a range of industry software available for analysing documents, extracting data, pre-translation file preparation, cost estimations and calculating repetitions and matching text for cost reductions and best turnaround time.

A wide range of Italian and international companies choose Landoor for the translation of their legal documents.

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