Landoor is the ideal partner for all your interpreting needs, with a team of mother-tongue interpreters carefully selected on the basis of their expertise and professionalism. All requests are overseen by a specialist project manager.

Our objective is to assist our clients in overcoming any language barriers that may impede effective communication. We provide initial advice (with a preliminary inspection of the venue, if necessary) on the most suitable form of interpreting for the nature of the event. We also support clients with services spanning equipment hire, hosting, audio and video recording, and more.

Our meticulous pre-event preparations, flexibility and the round-the-clock availability of our professionals will ensure your event is a success.


The form of interpreting you will require depends on the type of event in question. respeaking.

Over the years, we have provided our interpreting services to a range of companies, bodies and organizations of all sizes.


Whether it’s a business visit, trade mission or overseas delegation, clarity and precision are the most important factors in liaison interpreting.

The interpreter acts as a linguistic bridge connecting a small group (max. five people). The interpreter is equipped not just with language skills, but also a technical understanding of the sector in question. They are able to provide cultural reference points, thus becoming true cultural mediators.


For conferences and conventions, Landoor recommends simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting takes place at the same time as the speaker is speaking and requires the use of a soundproof booth. Interpreters simultaneously translate the speaker’s speech into the target language.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter takes notes during the speech and then translates the message into another language at intervals of around five to ten minutes. This is recommended where no soundproof booth is available or where clients wish to create a more direct relationship between the speaker, interpreter and audience.

There is also a different version of simultaneous interpreting known as chuchotage (or whispered interpreting). This is only appropriate where there is a small number of people sitting close together, to allow the interpreter to whisper the translation into their ears.


Landoor offers a liaison interpreting service specifically tailored for trade fairs.

The ability to translate clearly and communicate effectively are key requisites for trade fair interpreting. Our interpreters are bilingual and capable of understanding the cultural differences of both parties. Our clients can request an interpreter  who lives in the country where the trade fair is taking place.


In order to offer a level of support that meets your expectations, we assemble a team of interpreters with the necessary background in the relevant subject matter.

For training events featuring one or more speakers, Landoor recommends simultaneous interpreting which is usually provided using the bidule method. Companies often don’t have access to conference equipment and soundproof booths, so the most suitable option is to have the content simultaneously translated into headphones worn by the participants.


Respeaking is the repetition of the speech of the simultaneous interpreter so that it can be transformed into subtitles by vocal recognition software.

This service is particularly useful in cases in which, for example, the audience wishes to hear the original voice of the speaker or simply wants to avoid bulky headphones during a gala dinner.

The respeaker clearly reiterates the speech of the interpreter (whom the audience does not hear) and in a matter of seconds the software transforms it into subtitles that are shown on a screen to the audience.