Talent and creativity are Landoor’s main assets. Our copywriters – professionals in the field of persuasive and informative writing – expertly use the written word and listen carefully to the client’s communication needs. 

Our copywriting service includes both the original writing of texts in the language required by the client and the translation of existing content, including its adaptation to the target cultural and linguistic context.

As regards the specific area of the internet, we combine writing techniques tailored to different types of products and services with SEO-oriented writing, which is a valuable bonus when it comes to product or company indexing in search engines.


Just as marketing and communication techniques have undergone extreme transformations, spurred on by the inexorable force that is the internet, so too has the job of the copywriter. Today, communication has a different role: building a community and bringing the market into line with the values of your business is worth a whole lot more than simply acquiring new clients. In short, this is what is known as brand awareness.

Landoor is in sync with the needs of the next generation of business. Our copywriters and project managers are highly qualified to support our clients in their multi-lingual communication.


Landoor provides added-value services such as creative writing and the adaptation of advertising materials, adverts, press releases, sales support material, official speeches for politicians and entrepreneurs, leaflets, institutional texts, product descriptions and other types of messages.

Our copywriting team uses the written word to interpret the strategies, desires and intentions of the commissioning party or end client. They explore the concepts by creating headlines, taglines and body copy, perhaps even inventing names for new products (naming).


Transcreation is a form of creative translation of the text, executed with the nature of the target culture and market in mind. Transcreators are relatively new professionals whose task is both to translate and recreate the text. In the hands of our transcreators, translation takes on added value thanks to the creative adaptation of the content and images to the cultural context of the end user, thus recreating the emotive impact of the source language in the target language.

This is particularly important when it comes to website localization, which requires an SEO- and SEM-oriented approach, and the translation of marketing content such as advertising campaigns, brochures and press releases.

Transcreation often requires the language professional to find equivalent cultural references for features such as puns, jokes, proverbs and other culture-specific elements.


By authoring, we mean the creation of a document or other content with a particular communicative purpose, for example the drafting of a technical manual specifically designed for localization and subsequent updates.

Currently, Landoor mainly deals with requests for the creation of multimedia content, such as websites using HTML code with formatted images and text, or the design, creation, editing and integration of information for a special format CD or DVD.


Medical writing is a specialist arm of authoring focused on the creation of scientific documentation intended for doctors, healthcare workers, patients, consumers of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. To oversee such projects, Landoor draws on the skills of the very best people in its Editorial Division. 

Our medical writers have specialist skills in medicine and related terminology. Along with their writing expertise, they also have the ability to structure content according to precise guidelines based on internationally recognized best practices and the needs of the user, be they patients, the general public, doctors or regulatory bodies.